05 Manly Short Hairstyles For Men In 2020


Are you searching for short hairstyles for men that fit your personality or your appearance? If the answer is yes, welcome you to our today’s topic: Manly short hairstyles for men in 2020. Some facts you may not know is that we have a lot of creative, genetic, and cool haircuts this year. So, make sure you check all these short hairstyles for men to have a wider view of what suits your style or what you want to wear.

1. Fade Haircuts

First, we will talk about one of the most famous short hairstyles for men in recent years – Fade haircuts. A fade haircut seems to fit almost every length of hair. 

By cutting the sides very short with a high-skin fade or a mid-bald fade, you will create a contrast effect and highlight the length and texture of your hair whether it’s short, long, or curly. Therefore, a fade on the sides with a short cut on top will make your look more genetic and modern.

2. Buzz Cut 

When it comes to the best way to wear a short hairstyle for men, we usually think of the buzz cut. Literally, your hair will be cut extremely short in length. However, your look will be much cleaner, fresher, and manlier than ever before.

Some men love to combine the buzz cut with the fade cut to create an edge and cool look.  

3. Crew Cut 

The easy way to create a crew cut is to cut short your hair or have a tapered fade on the sides and keep the hair on top longer. You can choose to style the hair on top whatever you want like a side-swept brush, a spiked, messy or textured style.

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4. Undercuts 

The next haircut we want to show you is the undercut – one of the most popular short hairstyles for men in barbershops. It’s partly similar to the fade cut but one different point is that the undercut is cut the hair short in one-length. 

If you want to match with haircuts, we will recommend some like the slicked back, comb-over, pompadour, faux hawk, spiked hair or messy ones. 

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5. Short Quiff 

A short quiff might be all you need to have a fashionable look. And it’s also an “easy-going” and versatile haircut that can go with several styles from the undercut to the fade cut.  

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