05 Men’s Short Haircuts For Thick Hair


Those who are innately born with thick hair are so lucky because they can style their hair in several ways without any difficulty. But with a lot of choices, you may get confused and overwhelming which style is trendy and suitable for your look. So today, we introduce to you 05 best men’s short haircuts for thick hair that is on-trend and great. 

1. The Undercut / Fade Cut 

The undercut or the fade cut is always among the best hairstyles for men of all time. The short sides will highlight the top whether what style you are wearing. 

2. Short Curly Hair

This style works well with naturally curly hair because of its texture. The curls will maximize the thickness of hair, if you want to get volume on top, let choose it.

3. Long Curly Top – Short Sides

This is a variation of short curly hair. In this style, your sides will be cut short and your top will be longer to create a contrast effect. The style is one of the most suitable short haircuts for thick hair that you should try once. 

4. Textured Hair

If you want to add more textures to your hair, this hairstyle is the perfect one. With this textured hair, you need to use a texturizing cream to get the style completely. 

5. Pompadour

The pompadour is great for medium-short hair. Apply some heat protectant cream for your hair and use a round brush to blow it back to make it like a breeze. 

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6. Side Part Hair

This haircut is partly suitable for formal situations more casual ones because of its look. The side part will highlight your hair on top significantly while keeping your look elegant and cool.

7. Spiky Hair

Among popular men’s short haircuts for thick hair, the spiky hair continues to be popular in 2020. A styling cream, pomade, or shape paste will help you get the look more easily and keep it longer. 

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