06 Best Short Haircuts With Curls


There are many fashionable hairstyles for men with naturally curly hair. If you’re looking for a style to change, let’s check out our collection for short haircuts with curls. You will be surprised.

1. Undercut with Curly Hair

The undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles around the world. Therefore, it may not make you disappointed when combining with your curly hair.

The combination creates a big contrast effect that makes everyone look at you admirably.

2. Back and Side Fade with Curly Hair

Like the undercut, the fade cut also highlights the curly texture on your top. However, with this back and side fade, your curly hair will significantly stand out because the only thing people see is your hair on top.

You can match with a hard part to make it one of the coolest short haircuts with curls.

3. Brush Back

The brush back works well with slightly short curly hair. For this style, you should use a bit of a hair product to keep the curls up longer.

Combining with a fade cut or an undercut is recommended because it shows your curly hairstyle.

4. Symmetrical Curly Hair

This style is easy to get because all you need is to grow all your hair at the same length, or you can cut it symmetrically and finally use a pomade or spray to keep it fresh.

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5. Messy Curly Hair

The messy curly hair is prominent in our collection of short haircuts with curls because of its sexy look. Use a bit of pomade or wax to get the look with your hands.

6. Curly Fringe

Another sexy hairstyle belongs to the curly fringe. Just let your hair fall naturally and it will do its job. If we can vote what the sexiest curly hairstyle is, we will vote for the curly fringe. How about you?

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