07 Ideas to Get a Trendy Messy Haircut for Men


If you’re looking for a style that is suitable for casual situations or even professional ones, a messy haircut can be a good choice to wear. Messy hairstyles have been popular in recent years for its versatile and low-maintenance features as well as its trendy look. So, let’s check out these fashionable messy haircuts before going to any barbershops.

1. Short Messy Hair

This kind of haircut is suitable for all types of hair such as thin, thick, straight, curly, and wavy. You need to use a bit of a styling product to get the finished look.

2. Long Messy Hair

Long messy hair is especially great for wavy and curly hair because of their unique and wonderful textures. Honestly, when wearing a long messy haircut, you will bring in an odd but artistic look. Let your hair drop with a handful of wax or pomade to hold your style longer.

3. Medium Length Messy Hair

A medium-length cut will be good enough to have wild, messy hair if you don’t want to grow or can’t wait for growing long hair. You should use a light-hold mousse or sea salt spray to keep your messy hair naturally.

4. Messy Fade Cut / Undercut

A fade cut or an undercut is a good option to go with short to medium-length hair. Fading sides with a messy haircut create a contrast that makes messy hair on top prominent.

5. Bedhead Hairstyle

Bedhead hair gives you a look of just awaking from the bed. However, many girls consider this a sexy and charming style which brings in an attractive look even on your first date.

6. Messy Fringe

Messy fringe makes your look seem wild and untidy but it’s a trendy hairstyle around the world.

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7. Short Curly Messy Hair

A short curly messy haircut is best for curly or wavy hair but you need time to tame. Apply mousse or foam to make the texture look natural and firm. 

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