07 Super Cool Undercut Haircuts For Men in 2020


Undercut haircuts have been proving their position in the male hairstyle circle. Nowadays, a number of different and cool variations of this haircut appear and continue to spread all around the world. No matter what kind of hair you have, undercut haircuts are always suitable for you. Make sure you check all these 7 cool undercut haircuts and choose one perfect for yourself.

1. High Skin Fade Undercut

The high skin fade cut creates a clean, sharp look to your face. Therefore, the style of hair on your top can be freely varied from short to long.

2. Bald Fade Undercut

To get this style completely, apart from a very high bald fade, you need to brush your hair back to maximize the disconnecting effect. This is also a great way for men who are into growing long hair.

3. High Fade Undercut + Wavy Style

Like other undercut haircuts, the high fade cuts help the thick waves on the top stand out magnificently. If you don’t like cool wavy hair, you can jump to a comb-over quiff.

4. Slicked Back + Undercut

The contrasting texture between the undercut and the slicked-back brings you a very cool look. Apply a bit of pomade evenly to your hair and use your fingers to style it towards the back of your head.

5. Curly Undercut

A skin-faded cut will create a sharp contrast with the beautiful texture of curly hair. You can use a particular product to keep your curls swinging.

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6. Long Fringe + Undercut

Your sides are short to create a contrasting effect to the long fringe on the top. As a result, your look will be extremely cool and masculine.

7. Long Hair Undercut + Beard

Another variation of long hair undercut is the one combined with a beard. For those who love to grow a beard, this is one of the best undercut haircuts to try.

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