08 Cool Wavy Haircuts For Men In 2020


There are several hairstyles for men with wavy hair which absolutely satisfies any fastidious men. In fact, wavy hair is suitable for any hairstyles so that you can be flexible to change the style you like. Here are some cool wavy haircuts for men to level up your look. 

1. Short Wavy Hair

Short hairstyles are great for men who want to have a clean look. Men usually combine wavy hair with the fade cut, undercut or hard side part to make the top stand out.

2. Medium Wavy Hair

Whether it is medium short or long hair, you can be always creative and flexible with it. Medium wavy hairstyles like the quiff, pompadour, comb-over, and slicked-back are popular. 

3. Long Wavy Hair

Sometimes, your long hair is a little bit uncomfortable, but it brings in a lots of textures. With this length, you can choose the top knot, man bun or just let it fall naturally to show off its beautiful texture. 

4. Wavy Hair Fade

The wavy hair with a fade cut is perfect to minimize the waves on your hair. You can choose a high, medium or low cut depending on your wish. 

5. Wavy Hair Undercut

Like the wavy hair cut, the undercut is great to control your waves. It’s also one of the most popular wavy haircuts for men that you should try once.

6. Side Part Wavy Hair

The side part is always a popular hairstyle around the world. And when combined with your natural wavy hair, it becomes much trendier. 

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7. Slicked Back Wavy Hair

The slicked back wavy hair is great with a fade or undercut on sides and longer hair on top. But you can choose to slick all your long wavy hair towards the back.

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8. Messy Wavy Hair

Messy hair is sexy and charming. If you want to look attractive in front of others, this is the best wavy haircuts for you. 

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