10 Best Examples of Dark Hair with Highlights (Part I)


Yes, you heard it right. Pulling off dark hair with highlights is possible. Trends come and go, which is so ironic. It is the same as hair colors. You may not notice but bright colors like balayage, ombré, or a peachy pastel are goals in recent years. Here are the things. To be honest, when everywhere I go I see these colors, I get bored. Maybe people just dye their hair into lightning hues just because they are on-trend, not because they love it. And actually, there’s nothing good about these bright colors. They make your hair damaged and breakable, they also require LOTs of effort for the post-salon maintenance. If you are one of them, I suggest you go back to your natural colors which are darker and low-maintenance, and add highlights to create the bold contrast.

We as the crew of thehaircut.com spent our whole day on Instagram searching for celebrities and hairstyles to find out the best ones for this summer. Spoil alert:10 variations were found! And there you go. Scroll down for more inspiration to slay this summer.

1. Chocolate Highlights

Kylie Jenner (much like her sisters Kim, Kourtney, and Kendall) has kept silky back hair as a base when there’s no need to switch up some colors for years. She often makes this hue more trendy by adding her mid-length hair some dark colors highlights. Like in this color she posted on Instagram, the soft chocolate-colored highlights are quite visible.

2. Dark Ombré Curls

This is the dark brunette hair with springy and healthy curls of the actress Yarra Shahidi. The subtle highlights lie on the top layers, under the black shade create a natural ombré effect.

3. Face-Framing Highlights

Another way to have dark hair with highlights is sporting lighter locks throughout the hair. Nikki Lee is the inventor of this hairstyle, an expert colorist and co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles. That the highlights are placed prominently around the face helps reshape the face, adding more vibrancy to the entire look.

4. Auburn Ombré

Another masterpiece of Lee this gorgeous ombré hue. Who can resist from dark colors starting from the roots gradually transitioned to a vivid auburn brown hue at the ends?

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