10 Best Examples of Dark Hair with Highlights (Part II)


If you are on the way to the hair salon to bleach your hair for some bright mainstream colors, sorry for the interruption but you are about to change your mind. The next 6 colors are perfect examples proving that dark hair with highlights is on-trend.

5. Whispy Blonde Highlights

The mix color between brown and blonde wisps is one of the outstanding hair color of Lee Michele, also Lee’s celeb client. Therefore, this hairstyle gives her a well-balanced and a tad playfulness.

6. Dark Brown Highlights

Even a chic, shaggy bob hairstyle of the actress Sarah Hyland can be transformed into a much more girly style by Lee. He added deep mahogany highlights to create a glossy effect. Thus, her deep chocolate locks are elevated.

7. Dark Color Melding

Another blink-and-you’ll-miss hair color was represented by Emma Robert, another client of this talented hairstylist. Here, the rich meld color between black and brown highlighted the whole face of the actress.

8. Dark, Wine Colored Locks

Chad Wood is a famous hairstylist for along and dramatic hair. Vanessa Hudgens is his regular client. Instead of mid-length hair, you could try a long, dramatic ‘do, like Vanessa Hudgens and her celebrity hairstylist, Chad Wood, did here. Her waist-length extensions are expertly matched to her natural raven locks, and her natural color is expertly melded with a wine-colored tint.

9. 90’s Highlights

90’s highlights forever remain a legend. If you want something old and vintage, Wood is your go-to. He styled the modernized 90’s highlight for actress Isabela Moner and finished everything up with a double-knot that has us humming the Spice Girls.

10. Toasted Brown Highlights

Last but not least, some toasted highlights, another invention of Wood, are indispensable in creating this stunning look of the actress Olivia Munn. Her bouncy and wavy bob is such an inspiration.

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