10 Best Winter hair colors for women over 70 are fun


Winter hair colors for women over 70 are fun, modern shades that suit the cool, cozy weather. Having this fresh hair transformation is sure to carry out a youthful radiance in you.

These winter colors don’t always mean cool tones. Choose whatever suits your personality, lifestyle, and certainly, your skin complexion.

You could play around with neutral brown or bright blonde hues. Opt for a color melt as it includes both warm and cool tones, perfect for all skin colors.

A rich copper shade makes an embellishing statement against olive skin tone. Then, a lighter to medium copper hue flatters a fair skin very well.

If you need something low-maintenance, balayage highlights are one of the bests.

Highlights offer fullness and dimension, benefiting thinner locks the most. These are a nice coverage for grey strands and would accentuate layers in your haircut.

Beat winter blues by jazzing up your current look. Get inspiration from this set of photos of the trendy winter hair colors for ladies over 70!

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