10 Celebrities with Natural Red Hair You may Not Know


In the past, people were teased if they own natural red hair. Meanwhile, nowadays, everyone embraces these colors due to its unique and vivid shades.

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That’s why so many people dye their hair into the red. However, nothing can beat the ones who have natural red hair since they are born. Here are 10 celebrities owning redhead. How many of them can you recognize?

1. Natural Red Hair of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was famous for her natural auburn hair since she was young. However, she switched into the blonde one for the past few years.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

If you are fans of Benedict in the blockbusters “Sherlock” and “Dr. Strange”, this news is quite unexpected. The actor’s original hair was red.

To play the role of the detective in “Sherlock”, he did dye his hair darker to suit the role of a dark and sociopathic character – a creature of the night.

3. Laura Prepon

We have seen Laura Prepon appear in the TV show “Orange Is the New Black” for quite a while. The actress also went for a blonde a couple of times. In “October Road”, “Are You There, Chelsea?” and “That ‘70s Show” are typical examples. However, her original hair hue is red, as in “That ‘70s Show.

4. Seth Green

Seth Green has experienced every single color. Ginger is what he’s born with, though.

5. Catherine O’Hara’ s Natural Red Hair

6. Ewan McGregor

7. Natural Red Hair: Bridget Regan

If you know Bridget Regan well enough, you will realize her with the stunning ginger hair.

8. Lucas Hedges

Lucas Hedge has switched back and forth between different colors for different roles while his hair is naturally reddish.

9. Charles Dance Hair

 Rocking his gray hair these days, Charles used to have red hair.

10. Noel Fisher

Noel rocks his natural red in “Shameless”.

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