10 Colors to Try when Social Distancing is Over (Part I)


When coronavirus pandemic has a moment, we all get stuck. It has changed everything throughout the world. Besides the fact that you try to be productive every day, it’s hard to be in the mood (I totally get that). Then, changing your hair color is definitely an exit way to say goodbye to the depression. So, the best thing you can do now is finding as much inspiration as possible and be ready to make an appointment with your hairstylists to make a fresh transformation when bad things go away. Here are the best 10 hair colors in the coming months we rounded up.

1. Red Sand

To be fair, if you’re in love with red shades but still hesitate to try these super bright and hot colors, then red sand is for you. The color will definitely lighten your entire face since it can make all of the complexities look well-balanced. This hue works best for people who have medium or light hair. For an easy-win, ask your hairdresser for a red in the strawberry blonde-ish family.

2. Chestnut Brown

Have you ever wanted to get out your comfort zones, want something changed but not too extra? You can achieve that seem-to-be impossible wish by keeping the roots darker with chestnut brown color. And remember to add some lightness to the ends for more dimension.

3. Pastel Balayage

Fun colors are … fun. But trust me, ruining your hair with the bleaching process is the last thing you want to do. In this case, pastel balayage hue, in which only some selected hairpieces are painted), is the solution. This is still a tad high-maintenance color, though. We suggest lathering up the Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid shampoo to maintain the color.

4. Warm Dimension

Curls never get boring with various warm shades on roots and ends. The best news? You can have this look at home, by yourself. Apply Dark & Lovely Fade Resist in Chestnut Brown on the roots and Honey Blonde on ends. You won’t disappointed since both are dark shades and when they meld, there’s nothing that can go wrong.

5. Dimensional Blonde 

Life is short. Don’t hesitate to take the plunge. If you want your hair blonde, just go for it. Our tip is trying out a dimensional blonde in order that your hair will look even more natural when it grows out. Make sure to check with your hairstylist whether warm or cool tones suit you.

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