10 Colors to Try when Social Distancing is Over (Part II)


Hold your breath since the next 5 hair colors are breathtaking.

6. Wood Brown

If you currently wear a brunette and have a desire to change to something deeper and a little bit darker, try out wood brown hue. It is confirmed to be on-trend in 2019 and the heat won’t decrease this year. Basically, this shade has a dark base and highlighted with pale ash swirling.

7. High-Contrast Reds

High-contrast colors really have the moment this spring. Coppers with deeper bases and light swirls, and brunettes with rich base colors and honey-blonde highlights are great examples. It is simple, it is modern and minimalist. We love the soft highlights at the roots area, which gradually get thicker when coming to the mid and ends.

8. Bleach Blonde

No way do I want to go blonde and put my 100 percent effort to maintain the look. However, this bleach blonde is different, it doesn’t require too much to take care of. The highlights still pop while the darker base makes them look natural under the sun. For this hue, you will not need any retouching appointment until the 10th or 14th week.

9. Espresso Brunette

When social distancing is over, it’s never any better time for you to be stunning. Then, the rich espresso brunette is a twist. Let the hair bring in your sexy look than ever.

10. Caramel Balayage

To get this sun-kissed look on your brown hair, ask for a full head of highlights if your hair is virgin. This tip will facilitate your post-salon treatment. Or else, if your hair has gone through some coloring process before, make sure to get consultations from the colorists to have the best-melded colors.

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