10 Cool Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2020


We all know that curly hair brings out some troubles to work with because of its weak and unique texture. However, there are several styles out there that a curly-hair guy can try. Here are 10 cool curly hairstyles for men that you can do with your special hair nature.

1. Short Choppy Curls

You are a curly-hair guy wishing to tame your curls, this style is for you. The curls will be cut short in length and close to the head. As a result, the cut gives the hair a ton of texture.

2. Long Messy Curls

With this style, everything you do is to properly grow your hair healthy and strong. Basically, you just need to apply a particular product to your hair to create a vibrant style. We all agree this is one of the greatest curly hairstyles for men.

3.  Curly Drop Fade

If you want a more wild, informal but fashional hairstyle, you can try this one. We’re sure that it will help you make a long-lasting first impression on others. The fade on the sides has a special task to highlight the curly nature of the hair and keep the sides neat and clean at the same time.

4. Medium Curly Quiff

This style actually makes you a cool guy with a cool variation on the classic quiff. The curls mixed with the quiff give you the presence of a romantic but exciting guy.

5. Thin Curly Hair

In case you possess a thin, curly hair, you should try this cool haircut. By sweeping the sides with some wax and keeping the natural look of the top, you can take a unique, masculine look.

6. Curly Slicked Back

Unlike other curly hairstyles for men above, this is perfect for balding men. If you unluckily get balding, this style can save your appearance perfectly. The curly slicked back is a great choice for you to change attention to your hair instead of your receding line.

7. Curly Faded Undercut

This style is for those who get a strong personality and want to show it to everyone. Keep the curls at the top a little bit messy and voluminous and have a fade cut at the sides to get a clearer contrast effect.

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8. Curly Fringe

Just let your hair grow long naturally and then trim up the sides, you will get a wild look. Don’t try to comb your hair carefully unless you want to destroy the beautiful nature of the style.

9. Short Textured Curls

Another style for men with thin hair. You can add a particular product to keep the curls shinier and healthier.

10. Curly Undercut

If you’re a fan of undercuts, you should try this one. The neat undercut combined with the messy curls will bring out your appearance trendy and fashionable.

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