10 Cool Mid Fade Haircuts For Men 2020


The mid fade is a halfway between a high fade and a low fade and usually spreads from your ears to your temple. It’s probably because the haircut is in the middle of high and low fade cuts, so it becomes the most versatile haircut in which you can go with several different styles. Check out the top 10 cool mid fade haircuts 2020 to choose the best one for yourself.

1. Mid Fade with Slick Back

You can see men wearing the mid fade with slick back everywhere. All you need to do is use some pomade to slick your hair backward and then you get one of the sexiest haircuts for men.

2. Mid Fade with Waves

Highlighting your naturally unique texture by matching it with a mid fade is a great way. Although wavy hair is thick and hard to manage, the mid fade will surprise you by the way it keeps your face as the focal point while giving your hair a stylish look.  

3. Mid Fade with Short Curls

As the mid fade with waves above, this haircut is good to make your natural curls or curls made in barbershops stand out.

4. Mid Fade with Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is considered one of the coolest hairstyles for men. There are many ways to be trendy with the faux hawk because it’s already trendy itself. The faux hawk fade is a simple and versatile style that gives your look modern and fashionable.

5. Mid Fade with Mohawk

Among these famous mid fade haircuts, the mid fade with mohawk seems not to really prominent. However, if you love something cool and wild, you can try this haircut.

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6. Mid Fade with Fringe

The mid fade will considerably make your long hair on top striking. This style is for men who love growing medium-length hair and being cool in front of others.

7. Mid Fade with Line Up

You can achieve this haircut by shaving the hair in different shapes and lines to create a look you want. This is one of the most striking mid fade haircuts that draws much more attention to your sides than your hair on top.

8. Mid Fade with Hard Part

The hard part always plays an important role in creating a contrast between skin and hair as well as making the hair on top stand out.

9. Mid Fade with Blowout

A blowout makes the hair voluminous and thicker while the mid fade increases the contrast between the hair on top and the sides. They are perfect to combine together.

10. Mid Fade with Quiff

A quiff with the mid fade is great for a round-shaped face because it draws attention to your quiff and makes your face seem longer.

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