10 Goddess Braids That’ll Make You Pay For ASAP


Regardless of the current trends of the braided styles on Instagram now, you can see one every season – the thicker version of corneas is Goddess braids. It’s a cute security hairstyle — so, great for a natural hair change. Yeah, and how many ways are there to wear it. See these 20 braid hairstyles of the goddess, below, and see. And don’t forget to make your favorite screenshot and send it to your braider.

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Below, we rounded up 10 goddess braids that’ll make you want to make an appointment with your hairdresser as soon as possible.

1. This Goddess Braids Ponytail

2. The Style With Loose Ends

3. This Ponytail With Cuffs

Ponytails are sometimes boring, only if you forget these cuffs.

4. These Straight-Back Goddess Braids With Thread

It cannot be more fun than adding colors to your braids.

5. These Detailed Braids

Many girls get obsessed with these detailed braids these days.

6. These Blonde Goddess Braids

Two-tone fans cannot miss this look.

7. These Half-Up, Half-Down Look

Give a break with your high bun and let the tears of your goddess with this half-down look. Spritz your braids with a shiny spray until you head out of the door in the morning, so they won’t look loose.

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8. These Styles in a Low Bun

Hold your goddess’ braids tucked into the lower bun — that’s the best way when you catch a snooze so many times that morning. When in your braids, your scalp feels a little tight, rub in a scalp lotion to relieve discomfort.

9. These Braids With a Side Part

You will go for a deep side part to add more depth to your hairstyle, rather than doing a central part with the hair. Prepare your hair with hydration butter to keep them clean and hydrated until you start pulling.

10. These Cool Look With a Star Design

Goddess braids + little cornices + hair breaking into star type = this dope look. Don’t forget a glossing brown in shine and smooth flyaways.

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