10 Gorgeous Lemonade Braids Inspired by Beyoncé


When life gives you lemons, make braids. Initially lemonade braids were developed from side braids and have come across different cultures. And it had a comeback when Beyoncé rocked this hairstyle in the album “Lemonade” in 2016. After 3 years, these braids still are on-trend. Therefore, we rounded up the best 10 styles so that you can have one from these inspirations.

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1. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids

Probably the classic one, this super long lemonade on Queen B are fiercer than anything else!

2. Classic Lemonade Braids

If you want something conventional, don’t miss out the micro braids with locks put in one side.

3. Pulled Back

Be creative by pulling your braids backwards instead of sweeping then to one side.

4. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

These braids are perfect for girls and ladies who own thick and curly hair. You guys can both look good and keep your hair secured at the same time.

5. Topknot

Summer is perfect time to stick to topknot. With this hairstyle, you can put your strands out of your face while the subtleness is still maintained.

6. Lemonade Braids With Beads

This is born to create the unique boho vibe that most of the other styles cannot get.

7. Updo

Braids are not usually a style to do an updo. Don’t let those traditional belief prevent you from trying something new. If you want a sleek updo, go ahead!

8. Lemonade Braids With Color

Adding colors to your braids is the coolest things I have ever heard. The pink or rainbow are what summer hair dreams are made of.

9. Half up Half Down

To copy these cute braids, pull the upper section of your hair into a bun and let then bottom part fall.

10. Ombre Lemonade Braids

If you love every bright color and don’t have a favorite. Having the ombré braids is a great way to mix all of those colors in a smart way. Ask your hair stylists for your best complexion.

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