10 Hair Style Girl that Your Kids would Love to Wear


For moms, especially the ones who have girls as their children, morning is definitely the most hectic time of the day. In just 1 or 2 hours, they have to manage to do multiple tasks. Several typical examples can be getting ready for their children, making breakfast for the whole family, or making sure that the kids’ backpacks are complete. Doing hairstyle for your girls can be a big problem. You need something quick, but your kids (and of course yourself) love something beautiful.

Some girls are satisfied with basic ponytails. Whereas, others love complicated styles, not just for school but also for other special occasions such as camping and birthday parties. In those cases, you need to be well-prepared, learn as many hairstyles as you can, and show you girls that you actually pay so much attention to their needs, even though you are busy with daily kinds of stuff.

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We rounded up the top 10 hairstyle girl that your children would definitely love. Browse these ideas and make it for your kids based on their ages, looks, and skill levels.

1. Kid Hairstyle: Flower Crown

If your kids are obsessed with Disney princess, make them daisy chain-turned-flower crown.

2. Twist Wrap Ponytail

This hairstyle probably takes you at least 5 minutes, however, her hair will be kept the entire day, even that is a day for soccer games.

3. Kid Hairstyle: Tied Up Braids

Complicated this hair style girl looks, it is actually just two braided pigtails plus some more colorful bobby pins.

4. Dutch Braid Pigtail

Dutch braid pigtails are time-consuming but they are worth your time and effort.

5. Kid Hairstyle: Double Braid Tieback

Do you want some bohemian vibe? Don’t miss out on double braid tieback.

6. Pigtail Buns

This is my personal fave. If I can make it in a couple of minutes, you can do it too.

7. Half Bun

Half bun never goes wrong in any circumstances.

8. Criss-Cross Braids

For wet and damp hair, criss-cross style is so cool.

9. Kid Hairstyle: Side Ponytail

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Side ponytail appeared a long time ago but it never stops being “hot”.

10. Flip Faux Fishtail

Butterfly clips are highly recommended as a touch up for hair style girl after all.

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