10 Ideas of Peek a Boo Highlights for Any Hair Color


Are you finding a way to refresh your hair color while maintaining your hair’s healthy shine? Peek a Boo Highlights are the answers to your demand. By adding some colors without the need for the previous all over bleach, you will become the most outstanding girls at the party. So, take a look at these examples to choose the next style!

Peek a Boo Highlights: Purple Highlights for Blondes

Feather in some purple highlights throughout your hair to compliment your platinum blonde hair color. This style is the perfect balance of day and night!

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Chunky Electric Blue Highlights

Blue color always brings you a cool look, like a mermaid in the sea. So, you can add some bright blue highlights to achieve a unique and shining appearance.

Peek a Boo Highlights: Two-Toned Layered Hair

Simply just combining some purple peekaboo highlights to the bottom layer of your hair and ready to receive compliments for your daring new look all day long.

Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Do you want some funs of being a blonde while still remaining your natural black hair? Let’s try to corporate peekaboo blonde highlights! To get this effect, you should ask the colorists to start the color around the middle of the head instead of the top.

Rainbow Peekaboo Highlights

Like a rainbow through the sky, these highlights will magically shine through any cut or color. You definitely give boldness to others with such intense varying shades.

Dark Hair with Magenta Highlights

It seems to be one of the greatest combinations of “Dark chocolate and Cherry”. Your natural hair is made more playful with these magenta highlights.

Pink Hair with Blue Lowlights

Peekaboo can transform your classical hair into an edgy new style. If you have thin hair, choose the dark highlights on the bottom to make it looks thicker.

Peekaboo Panel Highlights

This style of highlights allows the users to be extra creative because the color will look different depends on how you style your hair each day.

Blonde with Red Peekaboo Hair

It is a safe choice when you quickly turn dramatic with a bold red panel exposed underneath. Although the hair is worn down, the color is only visible as a true peek a boo hightlight.

Peek a Boo Highlights: Strawberry Blonde Style

This style for those who have a copper red hair color to lighten up their hair with a streak of strawberry blonde. This look is always elegant, classy, and stunning.

Ready for a new you? As we said, the possibilities with new peek a boo highlights are endless. So, go to start a new experience!

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