10 Split Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women


Do you find out some difficulties in deciding on a new hair color next time? You shouldn’t miss the split ideas in this article. In fact, split hair color techniques belong to women who love adventure or have center-parted bangs. So now, keep going for new split hair color ideas!

What Is Split Hair Color?

Dye each half hair with a different color after dividing your hair in center-parted. With this kind of dyeing solution, there are various colors for you to choose from the darker one to brighter, and two distinctive pastels. Just combining the color which you like, you can achieve a unique hairstyle that makes others surprised about the way you did.

Some Experiences with Split Hair Color Ideas

Some women who had achieved this hairstyle said that they felt excited because this look is amazing. Plus, they received many compliments from others due to the uniqueness it brings. moreover, they have chances to style it every day with many new ideas. They also said that most contrast of their hair is in the center-parted so that you can simply part in any side to get a different look.

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Despite the playful from it, you sometimes will face some challenges if you want to get split hair color ideas. In reality, it is difficult to choose a makeup tone that balance two different hairstyles. For example, some women had wasted time finding the right eyeshadow or blush tone that suits both the warm and cool side. Moreover, maintaining color maybe a problem in this style because you have to consider the right hair product, especially when they are at a different level of lightness. Normally, the brighter color is often drier easily than the darker side. However, we believe that split hair color ideas are worth all your effort.

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