10 Spring Hair Colors that You Actually can Try out (Part I)


Spring is in the air and normally, it’s time for you to try out new spring hair colors. However, everything is totally different this year due to coronavirus pandemic. Stores and salons mostly are shut down. We don’t know when they open, nobody knows. All you can do now is sheltering in place. Make sure to well prepare when life goes back to normal. Here are the best 10 stunning hair hues you should ask for in the next salon appointment. Scroll through for more inspirations. Find out which one is your fave, take some screenshots, and show them to your hairstylists.

1. Caramel Swirl

According to Lauren Grummel, a colorist in New York City, there’s no better way to add dimension to brown or dark hair. (Check our post to find out more inspiration for this style!!) This hair color is easy to make and really low-maintenance. Adding warm honey and caramel highlights to the ends are recommended. Leave some lighter pieces around your face even make the look more stunning and cuter.

2. Ivory Blonde

This is our favorite color in 2020. Unlike the 2019’s platinum, this color is lighter and brighter. It’s not too warm or too cool but in moderation. Therefore, Jeremy Tardo, Clairol’s color partner and celebrity stylist, says this one is perfect for hair that grows fast. After the full bleach job is over and the retouching appointment is up, this style gives you an even more natural look, and you can wear this color for a longer time.

3. Copper Cognac

Consider this color if you want a fresh look. Tardo says while copper cognac creates a glow effect on the dark hair shade, it still maintains the natural look. On another word, this color works perfectly on deep complexions.

You can lather up the Clairol Natural Instincts in 5R Cinnaberry Medium Auburn at home to have the look by yourself.

4. Caramel Mocha

Brunettes with dimension actually have the moment this year. How amazing is that you can have bright colors without the need for bleaching your hair. The foilayage  (foil and balayage) technique is used to have this look. It is even better to leave some brighter pieces to make your face look softer and well-balanced.

5. Sunny Balayage

Sunny Balayage is fresh-from-vacation hair. The golden highlights bring in the dynamic and new vibe for the summer.

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