10 Stunning Hairstyles for the 2020 Summer (Part I)


10 Stunning Hairstyles for the 2020 Summer

Summer is in the air. The time for energetic and dynamic vibe comes again. However, they always come with sweating, humidity, and oppressive heat. So, now it is, unfortunately, the right time for so many hairstyles and bangs. But you not necessarily always stick with a ponytail hairstyle. Understanding those facts, here you go, we are here to give you the top 10 hairstyles for this summer. Pick some of them and style your hair to survive this peaky summer.

1. A Pineapple Ponytail

If you get bored with the “ordinary” ponytail, try out a pineapple ponytail. Tie your hair up, keep it loose, style it as curl as possible. This is our favorite due to its cool and young look. To copy this look, you should scoop up all the curls gently, put it all at the top of your head and finish it with some claw clips or scrunchies. We recommend you let your hair spill forward to have an even cool style.

2. A Hat and Pigtails

pigtails-1 10 Stunning Hairstyles for the 2020 Summer (Part I)

Hats are indispensable in the summer. Its drawback is we don’t have many hairstyles going along with it. However, next time, try out these pigtails instead of a low bun. Although it may take a bit more time the results worth it. All you need to do is divide your hair into 2 equal parts and bring them in front of your shoulders. Then, make the poufs by spacing tiny elastics down the tails. You can tug the hair gently to bump up the volumes.

3. Pinned Back

Curls are badass and cool. However, with the heat and humidity, they may be annoying and uncomfortable. In this case, pins are such a solution. Try to find different ways to style your hair. Our recommendation is crisscrossing the pins in cool patterns.

4. A Bandanna Bun

Try to tie a handkerchief around a half-bun and thank me later.

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