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12 Best On-trend Shag Hairstyles for Everyone of any hair length and style

Cute Layers
Cute Layers

If you are looking for a hair change in 2020, let consider the on-trend updated shag hairstyles. This hairstyle is from the 70s and now coming back with better variations. In case you want to add volume, texture, and depth to your hair, this is a good choice for you. 

Shag hairstyles are typically featured with choppy ends, a layered crown, and a lot of texture. In fact, the multi-layered haircut is the epitome of low-maintenance and rockstar glamour.

In addition, with tousled layers combined with natural, feathered texture helps you look chic and flattering. Don’t worry, this haircut is suitable for any hair length and styles, even when you have long locks or curly hair.

Many superstars have tried these haircuts and showed good results. If you are looking for a polished shag or effortlessly messy haircut, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some examples of celebrities with shag haircuts, take a note and I’m sure you’ll definitely want to get in on this hot trend for your next visit to a hair salon.  



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