12 Stunning Examples of Black and Blonde Hair Color


Black and blonde are two contrast colors. In fact, things that are opposite to each other tend not to be able to combine. However, when it comes to hair colors, this belief is a bit different. Black is dark, and the blonde is bright. This striking contrast, unexpectedly, works so well when they go together.

Let me explain. If you have naturally dark hair, there is a high chance that you may get bored with this color. It is quite understandable because science has proved that hair colors have significant effects on your emotions. Why not refresh yourself with a new bright color? However, consultation and research are required since dying your hair to brighter colors causes certain damages. What I like about these pair of hues is that I can flexibly switch between these two colors. There are tons of shades from full-on black and blonde, and most of them work with every hairstyle.

In case you want something more complicated, keep your base dark as usual and add brighter highlights. Bright strands in bright colors such as ash, golden, honey, and platinum are expected to on-trend this summer. We rounded up the top 12 of the best ideas to be creative when choosing black and blonde hair colors. Scroll down and pick your own favorite!

12 Stunning Examples of Black and Blonde Hair Color

1. Short black hair with blonde highlights

2. Black and platinum blonde

3. Half black, half blonde hair

4. Black and blonde balayage

5. Blonde hair with black tips

6. Black and blonde ombré

7. Black and honey blonde

8. Black and blonde faux locks

9. Black and blonde box braids

10. Blonde hair weave

11. Black and ash blonde

12. Long black and blonde hair

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