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12 Trendy Pixie haircut ideas for your next cut

Chick Undercut Pixie
Chick Undercut Pixie

Everyone talks about pixie hairstyles, but what is a pixie cut? In fact, it’s a women’s haircut about half an inch to 3-inches in length. Sometimes, it’s one-length or cut shorter on the back/sides and longer on the top.

These hairstyles started to be popular in the 50s and still win many women’s hearts until now. Because your hairstyles you wear often reveal your personalities, so it’s not difficult to see that women with pixie hairstyles often are fashionable and dynamic women.

If you are a tomboy at heart or simply just want to shake things up while you don’t mind a crop, you should definitely go for a pixie.

Don’t worry if you lose most of your locks and your hair will shorter than ever, but what you gain is a simple wash-and-go style, an added edge to your face. What’s more, with the right approach, you will receive lots of compliments as well.

Check out some trendy pixie hairstyles and find one for yourself.



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