13 Easy Finger Waves Hairstyles You Can Make


The finger waves are known as “S” that is often worn in the forehead. This style first appeared in the 1920s as a way to level up your hairstyle. It was still common in black hair for the years around the 90s. Now, when people seem to come back to the past, it is predicted to widely use again. You can wear it for both long and short hairstyles, or even wrap our heads around as a way to upgrade it. So, you need to check out now the list of 13 easy finger waves hairstyles that you can copy to get more ideas when you desire to get retro styles.

Finger waves make a shock after appearing on the runway at Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Jason Wu, etc, especially in the video “Don’t Touch My Heart”. The good news for all beauties is that the modern iteration of this style keeps its feminine look, and also contemporary.

Modern Takes on Finger Waves Hairstyles

Today, there are many variations of fingers you can do with the addition of modern colors, such as pastel or neon. Plus, finger waves along the hairline or have curly or straight textures in the back.

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Necessary Products and Tools for Finger Waves Hairstyles

You don’t need any styling products to get a glossy finger waves just comb and your fingers, if it is not the Marcel waves. All things for you are a small tooth comb with some strong sculpting gel. We recommend you to choose Pantene or Redken Hardwear 16 super-strong sculpting gel.

Besides that, you can consider some easy classic finger waves technique in video tutorials on social media. They will give you advice; show you the use of secure sectioning styling items. We believe that you can make your finger waves more pronounced and dimensional. Let’s see 13 best photos of finger waves hairstyles!

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