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14 Ways to wear a Bowl Cut

15 gray bowl bob haircut
15 gray bowl bob haircut

Today’s bowl cut for women is not a new haircut, but it’s not very popular just because of its personal features. It’s an edgier hairstyle that is recently been worn by some of the fashion’s biggest risk-takers like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Bowl cut and their variations are totally different from the ’80s and ’90s. Now whether you have a strong personality or you are feminine, you might always find a bowl cut for yourself.

Low-maintenance is the obvious benefit of bowl cut compared to other hairstyles. In addition, it’s also totally liberating to reveal your face to the world. With one simple hairstyle, it’s perfect for days when you want to make a statement.

It depends on your overall style and interests, you’ll fit a different type of bowl. For example, try a wispy fringe if you want to have a feminine look or try modern cut when you want to draw spotlight in big events.

This look is best when combining with makeup, vibrant hair color or extreme earrings. Look no further than these examples below. Here are some ideas for you to get inspired for your next cut.



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