15 Best Pompadour Fade Haircuts For Men


Are you guys looking for a trendy haircut, a versatile and cool hairstyle? Keep reading and you’ll find an answer. Nowadays, the pompadour has been more plentiful. And guys can choose to style the pompadour fade haircuts for both short to long hair. In this article, we suggest a collection of 15 best pompadours for your summer look!

Razor Faded

It has a quite short side which highlights the textured hair on top. A cool feature in this haircut is a fresh cut line shaved into the hair. This haircut brings you an edgy, masculine look.

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Low Fade Pompadour

The low fade pompadour is a clean-cut version of fade pompadour. A successful low fade pompadour offers you a professional look. 

Mid Fade Pompadour

It still remains long on top, but the fade here is higher. In case you are looking for a bad-boy look, this hair cut is a must-try. To suit this haircut, you should style yourself with sporty clothes. 

High Fade

Both taper and fade are good features in this haircut. The barber loves this haircut because it is stylish and hot. As the boldest type of fade, the high fade haircut tends to be the basis of many short sides, long top trends.

Skin Fade

Being one of the best men’s hairstyles for a while, this haircut is worn by almost the young now. You can choose a low, mid, or high skin fade pompadour depending on the length of hair. 

Pompadour Taper Fade

This haircut is suitable for those who want a short side without exposing the scalp. Among pompadour fade haircut, this hair can be the best choice for older gentlemen or young guys who have an office job. The long textured makes you look even hotter.  

Pompadour fade haircuts never out of styles, keep scrolling down and find your best hairstyle for yourself.

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