15 Best Short Straight Bobs Haircuts for a Sleek Look


15 Best Short Straight Bobs Haircuts for a Sleek Look

Short straight bobs are sleek haircuts that fall anywhere between ears and neck. Its beauty is so effortless and versatile, which modern women love the most!

“It can work for the every lady,” Rhoda Bolles points out, a hairstylist in Stroudsburg, PA. “It’s a very classic cut and can be worn both straight and curly.”

For ladies with natural textured locks, consider this cut with some layers. These prohibit a triangular shape, wherein the top looks flat while the bottom is voluminous.

For a thicker mane, thinning it out would allow the cut to lay properly. An undercut is an excellent addition, too.

A straight bob can be a high-maintenance cut, depending upon your natural hair texture and pattern. “Certain hair types will require slight adjusting. It may be adding in some layers or texture or choosing a specific length of the cut,” Bolles explains.

Opt for the length that’s going to complement your face shape and accent your features. You can get your stylist’s suggestions about this. The right one can make you look and feel your best.

Check out these photos of the trendiest short straight bobs and plan your next salon visit!

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