15 Chin-Length Shag Haircut Ideas for Trendy


15 Chin-Length Shag Haircut Ideas for Trendy, Low-Maintenance Girls

The chin-length shag is a trendy and edgy short haircut that is characterized by its choppy, layered texture and falls just below the chin. It adds volume and texture, making it perfect for fine hair. The layers are carefully carved by the stylist to create a personalized and unique look that enhances your features.

If you are considering this hairstyle, Jessi Bennet, a hairstylist from Brooklyn, NY, has some expert advice to share with you.

 Key Things to Know First

  • Get yourself some texture spray! Undressed by Hairstory Studio and Mare by Reverie are great choices.
  • You won’t need hot tools to create a cool, lived-in look.
  • Always ask your stylist how to recreate your desired results at home.
  • Women with thin hair may like the added volume and definition this style provides.
  • This also works on curly hair; the adorable bangs will complete the look superbly.
  • The key to this haircut is creating movement, dimension, and a complementary face frame.
  • You may be nervous about cutting the crown layers but remember, disconnection creates a dynamic and unique look.
  • You can let the cut grow out with minimal upkeep, or you can return to the salon every two months for an overall refresh.

This hair trend will garner tons of compliments. See some images of amazing chin-length shags to get ideas for your next look.

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