15 Cute Party Hairstyles for Long Hair


You are gonna join a party tonight? Or your friend has just invited you to chic cocktail events? Yeah, they all are interesting and fancy occasions for you to relax and chill together. However, these typical occasions require special hairdo rights? Knowing that some of you guys may feel confused about your hairstyles, we have compiled the top 15 cute party hairstyles for long hair. We hope our collection will help you to some extent.

Braided Updo

The first party hairstyle is the braided up-do. This hairstyle may take you a little time, so remember to prepare everything in advance. This hairdo brings gals a fresh and dynamic look so go for it!

Half Up Double Dutch Braids

If you want to keep your natural long hair, try this half-up with double Dutch braids. This hairstyle is super cute for any event and beforehand, it is amazingly easy to make.

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Fishtail Flower Half Up Style

For those who want to have a more feminine look, please consider the fishtail flower hairstyle. This hairdo is suitable for some light parties such as birthdays or warming parties.

Half Up Stacked Braid: The must-try party hairstyles for long hair

Nothing is more elegant and sassy than the look this half-up stacked braid brings to our gals. We recommend you wear a long dress and light make-up to gain the best look.

Ladder Braid with a Twist

Another option for our beloved ladies is this ladder braid with a twist. This hairdo is characterized by the amazing waterfall braid twist. Believe us, you will be outstanding at any party.

So, have you chosen the party hairstyle that suits you the most? If you want to look for more options, please keep watching our following pictures of the cute party hairstyles for long hair.



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