15 Eye-Catching Hairstyles For High School Girls


Do you have a daughter who is at the age of high-school? Is she always worried about her hairstyle at schooling? This article today will bring you a collection of 15 eye-catching hairstyles for high school girls. This collection contains hairstyles that are low-maintenance but still stylish for your daughter to wear every day in their school. 

A simple but eye-catching front braid

This hairstyle is popular for all girls. It is simple but stunning. For high-school girls who have thick hair, this hairstyle is a must-try. 

Bun hairstyle 

If your daughter is looking for a sporty and fresh look, she should consider the bun hairstyle. A plus point of this hairstyle is that it suits all types of face shapes and hair. A bow and scrunchies added will be highly recommended for a better look. 

Half-updo: The most stunning hairstyles for high school girls. 

This hairstyle is most suitable for girls who prefer a girlish and gentle look at school. The picture of un-do hairstyle high-school girls in the school uniform is always attracted to everyone. 

Long straight hairstyle

Every girl must be so familiar with this hairstyle. Long straight hairstyle seems to be never of fashion. This hairstyle brings high school girls a youthful and ravishing look. 

High ponytail: the hairstyle of all time 

“Simple but still stunning” are two adjectives when describing this hairstyle. It is quick to make so girls don’t have to worry about the grooming every morning.

As you can see, there are many variations of hairstyles for high school girls. We hope that through our collection of 15 eye-catching hairstyles today, mom and daughters can feel free to choose a suitable hairstyle for themselves. We do believe that with a beautiful hairstyle, girls will feel that every day going to school will be a nice day. 

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