15 Fabulous Sassy Short Hairstyles of Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore is an idol of many people for many years. She is on the list of celebrities who don’t fear when they come to try a new hairstyle. Plus, she makes not only her fans but also all people surprised when she appears in any possible length, color, and style. The reason is that she knows how to look charming, feminine, or even daring with her hairstyles and outfits. By that way, Mandy succeeds to build versatile images about her. Thanks to short hair, especially sassy, she looks youthful and dynamic more than ever before. If you are considering about sassy short hairstyle, we want to show you the collection of 15 best sassy short hairstyles of Mandy Moore for you to get more inspiration.

Mandy Moore’s Sassy Short Hairstyles

In short styles, she usually chooses layers because it adds more volumes to her hair. To get the best one, she prefers straight side-swept bangs and messed up styles. These pointy sides flick outward looks which she styles brings her the sharpest look as much as possible. Moreover, the sides of the hair are beneficial for her to caress her cheeks and soften her angular jawline. Besides straight, she loves loose curls in her hair even though they are in short or medium that they flatter her facial textures.

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As hair colors, Mandy experiment with a lot of shades from light straw-colored blonde to chocolate or dark browns. And, we think that she looks more wonderful in cold hues than warm. Anyway, you should check out these pictures about the sassy short hairstyles of Mandy Moore. We hope you will enjoy and find something for yourself!

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