15 Fashionable Hairstyles To Save Your Balding Head


The most awful nightmare that men usually face at their late age is to go bald. This is if you’re lucky. Nowadays, an increasing number of youngsters get bald even in their twenties. Luckily, there are several fashionable hairstyles that save your balding head.

1. Buzz cut

This hairstyle is absolutely simple and masculine to those who are starting to go bald around the crown and the hairline. It will help to draw the attention back to your face instead of your receding hairline or widow’s peak.  

2. Crew cut

The crew cut is a hot hairstyle for men not only having a strong and healthy hair but also having trouble with a receding hairline. Like Buzz cut, other attention will focus on your face and stay away from your widow’s peak. However, a barber will retain more hair on the top to help you look great even if you’re getting bald at young ages.

3. Razor Shave

This ideal haircut is for those who have bald spots or even more serious, patchy hair. Instead of having a daunting full shave, the razor shave will make your look fresh, unique, and definitely masculine.

4. Ivy league – One of many fashionable hairstyles for balding head.

Do you know Ryan Reynold? Yeah, that right, he starred in Deadpool. And he has a receding hairline. With the ivy league, you will upgrade your appearance to a more handsome level even when you’re getting bald a little bit.

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5. Slick back

Everything you need is a comb and some product to keep your hair towards the back of your head. Use a little hairspray to keep the hair tidy and remember that never use too much to avoid being greasy.

6. Skin fade with short hair

This style works best if you’re in the early stage of going bald. An edgy cut at the sides will make you look younger and draw the attention out of your receding hairline.

7. Taper fade with short pompadour

A taper fade requires a skin fade cut at the sides of your hair. And a pompadour needs you to keep some length on top and rollback. This will partly hide your receding hairline or widow’s peak.

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