15 Hairstyles with Bangs for an Ultimate Gorgeous Look


15 Hairstyles with Bangs for an Ultimate Gorgeous Look

Bangs are special. They are unique and have the power of instantly transforming your look to a completely new version of yourself? You can either get them done naturally on your hair, or you can also go for fake bangs for the win. In any way, they are sure to look totally banging, pun intended. With bangs styles being on the increase, it is time we explore some amazing bangs hairstyles that you can try out. But before that, let us get deep into more about bangs.

What are Bangs Actually?

bangs are basically short-cropped sections of the hair that fall across the forehead and over the scalp’s front. They can be done in many different styles, such as bangs that begin from the middle of the forehead or bangs that begin from just the forehead. Usually, most bangs last up to the length of the eyebrows and do not tend to go longer than that. In some cases, the bangs may be extra long, and they are also worn as side-swept bangs instead of just hanging them on the forehead as it may cover a major part of your face as well as eyes.

What are the Different kinds of Bangs?

There are long bangs and short bangs. There are blunt bangs and soft bangs, and there are many more such bangs types, but the ones just mentioned are the most common kind of bangs. Ideally, each kind of bangs listed above is suited to a specific hairstyle, and as a result, every kind is versatile from the other in many ways. Some bangs make your face look elongated while others help to make your face look smaller. Some accentuate your face by working on the roundness factor, while some bangs serve to make your face look much more bubblier. Soft bangs can add volume to your hair while blunt bangs help to give you a shaggy and edgy look. In any case, bangs are amazing and worth getting.

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Different Types of Bangs According to the Shape of your Face

  • Round face – Side bangs and blunt bangs are best suited if you have a round face as it will help to cover a significant portion of your cheeks and thus eliminate the chubbiness.
  • Square face– Versatile bangs help to make your square shaped face look more defined and edgy, especially at the jawline.
  • Heart face – Crescent-shaped fringes and bangs work really well when you have a face shaped like a heart. Short and wispy layered bangs are also quite suitable.
  • Oval face – Soft bangs are ideal for an oval-shaped face as this will make your face look rounder and not too elongated. Long medium bangs also go well with oval-shaped faces.
  • Long face – For those of you who have a long face, side bangs that are angled will do the magic.

All this information is sufficient enough for you to decide exactly what type of bangs hairstyle you would need. So look no further and go through our list of 15 bangs hairstyles for you.

And with that, the list of modern new bangs hairstyles ends here. Bangs surely are a whole game changer as they can change your entire look, and this is the primary reason why they are associated with a major change that is happening in your life. So, if you are looking forward to that mew chapter in your life, do it in style with the help of the bangs hairstyles listed here. Even if you are simply just looking for a hair makeover, bangs may be the answer.

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