15 Ideas of Formal Short Hairstyles For Office Women


Nowadays, there are plenty of variations of hairstyles whilst short haircut is always the top priority of all women. However, some complaints that they can’t choose proper ones that suit their working environment. In today’s article, we suggest 12 ideas of formal short hairstyles, which you can easily opt for. Now let’s check it out! 

Short hairstyles with thick hair

If you are born with thick hair, you might sometimes prefer long haircut. However, there are also many short haircuts for you with thick hair. You also can try some textures on your hair such as layers and curls.

Short hairstyles with fine hair

For those who have fine hair, it would be great to have a layered short haircut. Light make-up will be excellent in this case. With these formal short hairstyles, you will look nice under any circumstances

Layered short haircut

When it comes to short haircut, layered short haircuts is one of the most searched haircut for women all the time. The layers help women look feminine and gentle in their office. Sometimes they can tie them neatly when it’s hot and want to have a more mature look.

Choppy layers

It is the short hairstyle that a lot of young females choose since it looks trendy and conservative amongst others. This haircut can be more stunning if you add a fringe or a bang on it.

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Formal short pixie haircut

A pixie haircut is absolutely suitable for office women. Since it is neat, fresh, and dynamic. Moreover, this haircut is saving your time for grooming and hair-caring. We assure you that you will look fabulous! You should give it a try!

Still curious about these formal short hairstyles for women in our collection? Keep watching our following pictures.

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