Winter is here. It is time you refresh yourself with these fantastic short hairstyles. We all know that short hairstyles always bring a dynamic and sporty look to any girl. If you are considering chopping your long hair, you might be right. We are here today to bring to you a collection of 14 chicest short hairstyles for 2020. Are you ready to figure it out!

Short curly hair

Some girls may think that this short curly hairstyle may not look good or mature enough. But no, this short hairstyle is flawlessly and effortlessly beautiful. 

The wavy bob: The chicest short hairstyles that any girl must try once!

One of the greatest looking short hairdo is this wavy bob. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to go to the barber. Remember to use spray hair and some gels to keep this hairstyle in shape. 

The angled bob

Another chic short hairstyle that you should go for this winter is the angled bob. This hairstyle is versatile and suitable for almost face shapes. Don’t hesitate to try this hairstyle now!

Short pixie cut  

For busy women, we highly recommend that you try this low-maintenance hairstyle. If you want to gain a more complicated look, try to style yourself with some accessories such as earrings, necklaces, or hair scarf, v.v…

The blunt bob 

This classic short hairstyle seems to come back these days. You can easily upgrade this hairstyle by adding some colors to it. You will be surprised by the final look it brings. 

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So, what do think about our collection of the chicest short hairstyles for 2020? We hope that our collection has inspired you to refresh your look. Remember beauty has no age and it is never too late to try a new hairstyle. 

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