15 Perfect Comb-over Haircuts For Men


Businessmen and salesmen must be familiar with the comb-over haircuts. However this haircut now seems to be more popular since many stars the likes of Hamm, Timberlake, and Clooney began wearing it. To help you find out suitable comb-over haircuts, we have compiled this album. We hope it will inspire you to have a better look.

1. Comb-Over Low Fade

If you are looking for a new trendy but classic haircut, the comb-over low fade may be a good choice. By adding a fade into the mix, you can get a conservative and traditional impression on others. The taper in this hair may begin at or below the ears. It creates a transition of the hair’s length from ears to the top.

2. Comb-Over Medium Fade

Comb-over haircuts also suit medium fade. Like comb-over low fade, it brings conservative, risk-taking, but calm after all. The medium fade suits well-styled, straight hair. Go for it!

3. Comb-Over Haircuts: High Fade

The comb-over can mix with high fades perfectly. Undoubtedly, a high fade draws attention to and celebrates the shift in length. This hair suits both long and short hair. This cut gives you a bright and proactive look.

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4. Short Comb Over

The short comb-over was born for those who are in suit. This hair is not too colorful but is gentle enough for a mature look. Thus, this cut works in a business environment. Truly, the short comb over is a safe option that looks good on most heads and saves time for hair-care.

5. Long Comb Over

For those who want to keep hair long on the sides and top, the long comb-over haircuts are for you. It is free for you to add some volume on top or control it with some strong hold pomade. The longer hair makes you more outstanding and stylish.

Now, it’s time to check out more ideas of comb-over fade haircuts!

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