15 Short Haircuts For Asian Girls You Gotta See


15 Short Haircuts For Asian Girls You Gotta See

Short haircuts for Asian girls are hairstyles that cater to straight, black, and fine hair. If you’re looking to give your silky mane definition and exquisite body, we’re here to help you do it!

Lacking length doesn’t mean less versatility! From the classic bob to an edgy pixie – Asian hair is usually effortless to style with the use of the right products. Whether you want feminine curls, full waves, or cute bangs to go with your short haircut, the choice is all yours!

Hair specialist Akane Tachibana from LA spills the deets on what to consider when going for a short cut! “My #1 tip is to style your hair to keep the right balance. Check your face shape, neck length, and your hair thickness. Then, choose a cut that will suit these features,” she says.

“Your lifestyle and fashion are also top things to consider,” Akane adds. “When you change your hairstyle from long to short, your atmosphere will change. The clothes that you wore yesterday might not work with your new short hairstyle. My suggestion is to change your fashion style to suit your hairstyle. Or choose a hairstyle that suits your fashion.”

Surprisingly, going short will give you more freedom to style. Asian stars who ditched their long manes include Awkwafina, Lana Condor, and JuJu Chan!

To style thick hair with no movement, Akane recommends that you apply medium hold wax or pomade to wet hair. “Dry it with a dryer to give it softness and movement. It will give a nice texture to your hair,” she shares.

You’ll be surprised by the endless ways on how to cut those naturally straight strands.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular pictures of short haircuts for Asian girls!

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