15 Short Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women


When you reached a certain age, you concern about what you can do to improve your appearance. Aging doesn’t mean old ladies lack their ways of styling their hair. In this article, we can proudly say that there are many variations of hairstyles for older women to opt for. Our collection today is about 15 short pixie hairstyles for older women. Let’s figure it out now!

Cute Short Pixie Hairstyle for Older Women

“Simple” and “ elegant” are two characteristics when it comes to a short hairstyle for older women. This cute short pixie hairstyle is exactly the thing that our beloved ladies are looking for. It is time you refresh your look.

Gorgeous Pixie Hair with fine hair 

Sometimes old women feel hesitant to choose short hairstyles because of their fine hair. They can freely choose this gorgeous pixie haircut since it is flawless and easy-to-make. To create more volume for this hairdo, you can ask the barber to put some more texture such as loose curls or a fringe to get a better look. 

Super short pixie with cute glasses 

We know that many older ladies here have to wear glasses and they are considering about one hairstyle that fit their age but still stylish and convertible. If so, they should give this pixie hairstyle a try. 

Stylish short grey curly haircut 

Someone says that grey color is the signature of being aged, however, we can confirm that this color can be a trendy and stylish hair color. If you are still curious about it, go for it and see the result. 

Beautiful Side-Swept Bangs for Older Women Pixie

As we mentioned above, older women can style themselves with the pixie hairstyles with a fringe to get a more sophisticated look. Besides, a side-swept bang is also a nota bad option. In this situation, dye your hair white blonde or platinum. You will be stunning than ever before. 

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So, are you ready for a change of style, for change of your haircut? We hope that you have chosen your favorite short pixie hairstyles from our collection. We wish you beauty, as always!

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