15 Stylish French Twist Updos That Spice Your Look Up


Autumn is here. It is time you refresh your look with a new hairstyle. Someone has said that autumn is the season of something elegant, free, and cozy. Thus it would be better to rock for a hairstyle that fits this season and your style as well. If you are tired of seeking for a suitable hairstyle. We are here today to help you with our suggestion of the most stylish French twist updos. Now let’s check it out!

Elegant Twist with a Bouffant

If you are looking for something modern yet subtle and charming, this twist with a bouffant is exactly the thing you need. This hairstyle is super suitable for some formal occasions. 

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Short-Haired Twist

This is another choice for ladies who have shorter hair. If you want to have a more sophisticated look, we highly recommend you have some hair accessories such as bobby pins or braid scarfs, v.v. You will be stunning wherever you are!

Low-Hanging Twist

This French twist fits some occasions such as wedding parties or some family anniversaries. Our beloved ladies will be surprised by the outcome. 

Polished Peek-a-Boo Twist

This hairstyle is super modern and charming for any lady to try. If you are bored with some normal hairstyles, it is time you try some new things. Go for it now!

Classic Twist with an Accent

Nothing is more elegant and classic than this hairdo. In this case, we suggest you try some hair items such as accents, pins, knots, v.v. You will be amazed by the outcome it brings to you. Try it!

So, have you picked your Stylish French Twist Updos for your next look. We hope that our collection today has helped you to some extent. If you are still curious about your choice, keep seeing our below pictures.

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