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15 Temporary Dyed Hair Color Ideas

Blue Temporary Hair Dye
Blue Temporary Hair Dye

15 Dyed Hair Color Ideas Using Temporary Hair Dye

Changing your hair color often tends to be hectic when you factor in having to bleach it.

From countless hours on your hair dresser’s seat, to all the preparation that goes into it and most importantly the likelihood of getting hair breakage and/or damage.

If you’re looking for a hassle free way of dyeing your hair at home, you’ll love Hair Paint Wax. A temporary water based hair coloring solution for those who want to try a new color every day of the week.

It is easy to apply, easy to wash out and offers a strong hold with no damage to the hair. It’s best used on curly, kinky, coily and loc’d texture hair. Color may vary from person to person depending on hair texture and current hair color. There are a range of colors to choose from such as red, purple, gold, pink, green and more.

To apply the wax, wet your hair, use a generous amount of conditioner and apply the wax to your desired taste. Dry your hair out and check whether the color is as intense as you’d want it to be.

To take out the dye, wash your hair using cold or warm water and use your preferred conditioner.

Check out some of the hair wax dye results on different hair textures below.



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