15 Trendy Shag Haircuts for Women Over 70 Can Pull Off


15 Trendy Shag Haircuts for Women Over 70 Can Pull Off

Shag haircuts for women over 70 are a great way to add texture and movement to fine or curly hair. Michaela Bark, a skilled hair artist from West Mobile, AL, recommends this look for women with natural waves or curls, but even those with straight hair can wear it if they’re able to style it themselves or use heat tools to add volume and shape.

It’s important to understand the maintenance involved with a new haircut, including the grow-out process and when to schedule regular trims at the salon. For hairstylists, creating a shag look requires personalized carving and cutting to achieve the desired texturized and layered effect.

Classic styles are often flattering for older women, and shag haircuts are no exception. Take a look at these inspiring photos of shag haircuts for women over 70 to see how this look can add youthful energy and style to any woman’s appearance.

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