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15 Unique Man Bun Hairstyles for Asian Men 2020


Are you looking for a creative hairstyle? Do you want to wear a trendy and stylish hairstyle that can express your characteristic? This article today will answer these questions? We are bringing you a collection of 15 unique man bun hairstyles for Asian Men 2020. We hope through this collection, you can find the best bun hairstyle for yourself. 

Classic man bun 

Since the bun hairstyle is going popular, the classic man bun is the top option for almost men. This hairstyle is easy, simple, and quick. This hairstyle can suit both thick and fine hair. So, please consider this one for your new look!

Half-bun: The must-try man bun hairstyles 

A great alternative for Asian men is the half-bun. No matter how long your hair is, this hairstyle will work well on it. Believe us, you will be super confident wherever you are!

Messy man bun 

“Fashionable” and “flexible” are adjectives when describing the messy man bun hairstyle. This hairstyle is super suitable for those who love simplicity and flexibility. Go for it!

Man bun with dreadlocks

For men who prefer a masculine, gorgeous look, the bun hairstyle mixed with dreadlock is a perfect option. However, this hairstyle will just take you a little time to take care of it. 

Low man bun 

The last hairstyle in our collection today is the low man bun. Instead of the classic man bun, this hairstyle is the best choice. It looks stylish and excellent for casual and informal events.

Indeed, the man bun hairstyles will spice your outlook: being more stylish, trendy but still simple. It is time you give them a try. To find more options for your hair, keep scrolling our page, we have more pictures for you!

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