16 Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Sass


16 Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Sass

Edgy hairstyles for women over 70 are bold and statement-making haircuts, ranging from short to long lengths. This trend is all about embracing neat angles, vibrant colors, and even shaved undercuts!

Rule #1: Focus on keeping the hair softer and flirty around the face while adding volume to the crown. These techniques can provide a mini facelift effect, as advised by stylist Lana Carmona from Salina, KS.

These hairstyles exude confidence and can make you feel and look great. However, it’s crucial to consider the right face frame that suits you best. Carmona emphasizes the importance of analyzing face shape and suggests educating yourself or seeking guidance from a salon professional. Understanding which facial features and curves to accentuate is key, she adds.

If you decide to go for a short hairstyle, be prepared for a significant transformation. Trust your stylist’s expertise, as their guidance is crucial for achieving a result you’ll love. Don’t hesitate to ask for product recommendations that can help you maintain and style your hair for your desired look.

The accompanying photos are certain to inspire you. Embrace the new you with one of these popular and edgy hairstyles for women over 70. Let your hair reflect your unique personality and style!

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