16 Hottest Shaggy Bob with Bangs You’ve Gotta See


Hottest Shaggy Bob with Bangs You’ve Gotta See

Shaggy bob with bangs is a short to medium haircut with choppy layers and textured ends. A fringe is added to add drama and make it suitable for any face shape. Unlike a stacked, angled, a-line, or an inverted bob, shaggy bob with bangs hairstyles are very low-maintenance.

The secret to a great shag lies in the product you use. A hair designer from Reston, VA says using a texturing product is her go-to rule. Stylist Shaina Jones loves salt spray as it “enhances all the layers and creates movement.”

Jones specifically prefers an R&Co Salt Spray. “It leaves the hair with lots of texture, and it also has a thermal protectant in it,” she explains.

Shags look fantastic with a fringe, but Jones reminds us that it’s a commitment. Shaggy bobs with bangs need styling most of the time. Yet, she emphasizes that “the nice thing about them is when they begin to grow, you can push them to the side.”

Jones also acknowledges how some ladies style their fringe incorrectly. “Either it’s not laying across the forehead or doesn’t have enough texture, chunky layers, or piecey-ness to it.”

When adopting a shaggy bob haircut, don’t hesitate to ask the stylist these questions:

  • What kind of product will I need to maintain this look?
  • Does this hairstyle work with my natural texture?

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos we’ve highlighted of the most popular shaggy bob with bangs haircuts!

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