16 Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women Over 60


16 Loveliest Pixie Bob Haircuts for Women Over 60 With Style

Pixie bob haircuts for women over 60 are a classic short crop that can be styled in so many ways. The length is a combination of a long pixie and short bob for versatility. It’s a trend that’s meant to stay forever!

Stylist and salon owner Joan Dayton from Bozeman, MT tells us what to love about a pixie bob. “It looks chic without putting a lot of effort in. This could shorten your styling time while still having a flattering look,” she states.

The only drawback of a short haircut is if the cut isn’t for your face shape. That’s why finding the right stylist is essential.

Consult your stylist before the haircut session. Ask whether your preferred cut is achievable, considering your hair texture and density. Know the best products and styling techniques to jazz up your locks.

“Trust your stylist,” Dayton points out. She adds, “They’ll give you honest feedback and guidance on what cut is realistic for your lifestyle.”

Sure, you can pull off a shorter hairstyle! Don’t let your insecurities stop you. These photos of the most popular pixie bob haircuts for women over 60 will inspire you!

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