17 Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50


17 Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

When it comes to black hairstyles, the multitude of hair textures and the styles you can pull off because of it are truly impressive. From coily and curly to straight, Black women have always rocked some of the most ingenious styles that are envied and copied throughout time.

Does the fun of hair styling end for Black women over 50? Not at all! Check out these 17 hairstyles for black gray hair for ultimate proof.

The Best Hairstyles for Older Black Women

As women reach the age of 50, they start to notice inevitable changes to their hair, with graying being the most pronounced one. While it is up to you whether to embrace your white hair, the images below will prove that gray locks can be extremely flattering for dark skin tones.

When it comes to hair length, there are plenty of choices. TWA hairstyles look very appealing on Black women with gray hair, and it’s also a good way to transition to gray locks.

A sassy pixie for natural hair is another popular hairstyle for Black women over 50 that ensures a professional look and low-maintenance routine.

However, if you want more styling freedom, maintaining middle-length or long hairstyles would be a better option. As a Black woman with long silver hair, I’ve created a variety of hairstyles myself, from carefree ponytails to elegant wedding or holiday-ready looks. Women with medium to long tresses can easily copy these styles.

How to Care for Gray Black Hair

Maintaining healthy and soft gray hair can be challenging as it tends to get frizzy, dry, and brassy. To keep your hair looking its best, start by using a good product specifically designed for white, silver, or gray hair that is sulfate and paraben-free.

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While some prefer to use purple toning shampoo to neutralize brassiness, others may prefer colorless neutralizing shampoos to avoid any color hues. However, purple shampoo can be helpful occasionally, but be aware that it may dry out your hair.

To control frizz and dryness, always use a good moisturizing conditioner after each shampoo and consider deep conditioning at least twice a month. Additionally, using a serum or a little Vaseline can provide nourishment and shine as needed.

Try out some of these looks and know that they are rather easy to achieve, yet impressive.

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