17 Most Flattering Medium Layered Bobs for Women Over 60


17 Most Flattering Medium Layered Bobs for Women Over 60

Medium layered bobs for women over 60 are shoulder to neck-length cuts, structured with tons of texture and volume. These guarantee youthful, flexible hairstyles to match older ladies’ personalities.

Hairstylist Pauli Kunnari of Finland uses his skills in creating flattering bob cuts. He confirms the chop’s versatility, pointing out how it can adjust to any hair type and face shape. What’s vital is choosing the ideal length and shape.

“With thick hair, you can texturize it and play around with the shape. With fine hair, it’s essential to cut precise and less visible layers,” Kunnari explains.

Bobs look refined on women in their 60s. These serve as a mini facelift, drawing the facial features upward.

“If you prefer low maintenance, ask for a cut that enhances the natural shape of your hair. If willing to put in more work, the sky is the limit,” Kunnari notes.

Kunnari also shares a few styling tips. He suggests “distributing the volume evenly throughout the hair. And, don’t use a very small blow-drying brush as it makes the ends too matronly.”

Featured here are some inspiring images of the most popular medium layered bob haircuts for women over 60. Check them out!

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