18 Face-Slimming Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight


18 Face-Slimming Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight

Hairstyles for women over 50 and overweight can be tailored to flatter your face shape and create a more slimming effect. According to Jaclynn Evaro, a hairstylist and salon owner from Covina, CA, it’s important to choose a cut that highlights your favorite features and boosts your confidence.

While long hair can be versatile, Evaro recommends a short undercut to accentuate your eyes, cheekbones, or smile. Short hair can be styled in many ways, from straight and curly to braided and with bangs. However, keep in mind that these hairstyles may require daily styling and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a youthful and flattering look, check out these photos of hairstyles for women over 50 and overweight. Remember, you’re never too old for cool hair, so choose a cut that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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