18 Modern Haircuts for Women Over 70 to Look Younger


18 Modern Haircuts for Women Over 70 to Look Younger

Haircuts for women over 70 are created to complement ladies with naturally thinning hair by making the hair look fuller. Here, I’ll help you find the best new haircut that matches your style, personality, and hair type.

Thinning hair is a common problem for older women, especially who are in their 70s. However, modern hair cutting and dyeing techniques allow more space for versatility that you can enjoy even with fine hair. There is a long list of dimensional hues, voluminous shapes, and even various lengths to decide from that will make your mane look thicker and healthier.

Lupita Ornelas is a licensed hairstylist from Frisco, TX. As a specialist in modern cuts, she gives her ultimate go-to rule when deciding your ideal chop. “Choose a haircut that fits your everyday routine, lifestyle, and fashion sense,” she says.

In general, shorter cuts takes about 5-10 min to style. If you have tons of hair, it may take a few more minutes.

Now, let’s talk about your hair texture. Is it fine, average, or coarse? A razor cut on fine hair creates more texture which helps give more lift. For average to coarse hair,  you’ll want a deep texture which is especially important with heavy hair because the weight of it combined with gravity can make it harder to keep the lift.

If your hair is wavy/curly hair, make sure your hairstylist is mindful of the size of your curl pattern and overall cut length to ensure the style works for your texture.

Reaching 70 years of age may cause your tresses to get thin and flat. Ornelas suggests using an Oway Volumizing Root Spray as it “adds a voluminous and thick look to the hair.” What she further likes about it is its contents that are biodynamic, organic, and ethical.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Here are pictures of the best haircuts for women over 70!

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